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A life coach stands in a distance between your dreams and you. Where the key to your dreams lie near your actions, at that point the life coach moves in and gets you started for the series of actions that lead to your dreams or in other words your goals in life.

There is a point that should be kept clear that life coaching sessions are not a therapy. Coaching is a product development with you as the product. A life coach does for your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness. On the way to your dreams or life goals, you come across with a distance between them and reality. The process you prefer to take the distance between them can be defined as “Action”.

For my clients I offer the techniques of Strategic Intervention (which is known by Tonny Robbins) and astrological character analysis, if my client is open for it.

With Strategic Intervention, we can clarify together the blockages and with the astrological analysis, we can find your strengths and weaknesses. Through these outputs, we can plan the best strategy to find your true self and make your best version.

If you want to get more information, you can book a free clarity session before starting the real journey. So that you and I, life coach and astrologer, can see the match of the energy between the sides.

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