Relationship Analysis

“A great relationship is made up of two things. First, to appreciate what they have in common and, second, to respect the differences. "

But sometimes it is really difficult to find the similarities and differences on your own. An astrological relationship analysis can define these and help us to understand our relationship partner and to improve our relationship accordingly.

In Life and Stars, relationship analysis is performed based on two techniques: synastry and composite. With the synastry analysis, we analyze the two natal charts and define the similarities and differences. And with the composite analysis we calculate the midpoints and explain the nature/ chracter of the relationship.

The astrological relationship analysis from Life and Stars is not only for romantic relationships but also for any type of relationship such as friends, family members, team members, work colleagues, etc.


It's that easy:


For a relationship analysis, the date, time, place of birth and gender of the relationship partners are necessary. All you have to do is provide this information after placing your order.


The analysis can be explained on the phone or as an individual audio file in which the relationship analysis is explained, including information and tips from an experienced life coach.