Children Character  Analysis

All parents would like to know what is going on inside their child. But the little ones come without instructions ... or do they?


Astrology gives you an extra assistance to assess your child better and to raise and properly support them based on their real character. That's why astrological parenting is very popular.


The birth chart (Horoscope) is the snapshot of the sky at the moment of birth, i.e. the constellation of the sky at the moment when the light has hit the soul. It is unique for each child.

It's that easy!


To calculate a birth chart, the date, time, place of birth and gender of a child are necessary.

All you need to do is to give this data with the order.


Life and Stars produces an exclusive video in which the birth chart of the child is explained to the parents as a character analysis, including hints and tips from an experienced life coach and a mother of two.

Life & Stars offers two products under the Category Children Character Analysis:


Bonus for detailed analysis: 1 to 1 live session (15 min.) For queries regarding the analysis



Basic analysis on the phone only for 60 Euro !


Which one suits you best? ?