Hello! I am Beril!

I am a Life Coach ...

Helping people is my passion

Especially in a crisis phase, it is important to focus on loving yourself.


A life coach supports you in this task and tries to get more out of you, to motivate and to strengthen you so that you can recognize and use your potential.


I've been a life coach since my first memory, back then "my own life coach". As an only child in a troubled environment, I constantly had to find ways to move on and stay positive.


I've developed my own techniques to see the good side of life despite everything.

As a self-healer, in addition to my professional career as an engineer, I was very interested in the topics of personal development and psychology. I've read and learned a lot about it.

I've realized that I can help people with my experiences and knowledge. Further, I completed my coach training at Robbins-Madanes Training under my teachers Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha. I am also using its Strategic Intervention Techniques at my sessions.

The ones that I have already helped encouraged me to make it professionally.


So, here I am : )






……… and I am a professional astrologer!


By analyzing birth charts, behavior patterns and peoples' character can be explained surprisingly well

During my researches in character patterns,   I've realized that many big minds were really interested in astrology.  


I could find answers to many questions in classical astrology.

Charakter Analyse.png



Astrology is an ancient empirical science. It is based on thousands of years of continuously developed knowledge and tries to preserve it.

The more I've read about astrology, the more I became curious. Then I decided to study astrology.

After completing my three years study, at Allgeier Astrology, I've started to practice it to help people. I am combining the astrological character analysis with life coaching. The first feedbacks were surprisingly good and gave me the idea to make it professionally.

Life and Stars Character Analysis enables solutions to unspoken problems to be found, such as fears or personal barriers. It can also show the  inner strengths and inner energy sources.

Certified Astrologer by 

LOGO allgeier astrologie ASTRO KOLLEG 20

Children are not good at expressing themselves. But through my analyzes ...

... parents can put themselves in their children's shoes better. They can recognize the true potential of their children, and also what their children are sensitive to.


As a mother of two, I benefit from it and I am really convinced.


I've shared my experiences with other parents. The fantastic feedbacks convinced me to offer this service to more parents.


Children Character


With Life and Stars, I want to follow my passion and help more people.