Character Analysis

  • Do you feel distanced from yourself and do you only hear other people's opinions?

  • You have everything but you are still not satisfied with yourself

  • You often ask yourself: what is my goal in life, what was I born for?

  • You want to reorient yourself professionally or to know where you would shine most

  • Maybe even understand your partner better?


Astrology gives you extra assistance to get to know yourself properly based on your real character . A professional analysis of birth chart can answer many such questions.


A birth chart (Horoscope) is the snapshot of heaven at the moment of birth, i.e. the constellation of heaven at the moment when the light hit the soul.   It is unique to each person.


It's that easy!


To calculate a birth chart, the date, time, place of birth and gender of a person are necessary.

All you need to do is to give this data with the order.


Life and Stars produces an exclusive video in which the birth chart is explained as a character analysis, including hints and tips from an experienced life coach.



Life & Stars offers two products under the Category Character Analysis:


Bonus for detailed analysis: 1 to 1 live session (15 min.) For queries regarding the analysis



Basic analysis on the phone only for 75 Euro !


Which one suits you best?