Forecast Analysis

What are astrological forecasts / forecast analyzes?


According to astrology, we are a form of energy that at the time of our birth has the fingerprint of the energies of sky. And our daily energies change dynamically in connection with the astrological movements of the sky. The movements of sky, in other words, the daily energies of sky in response to our energy and, accordingly, our daily mood and life are constantly changing.

In this way we can foresee:

  • when is the best day to make a decision

  • when it is an important day for your projects,

  • when it is suitable for sport, nutrition,

  • when to stay alone and listen to yourself etc.


The method of this analysis is mathematical, and creating the chart is simple (but complex to analyze):

The natal chart is compared to the actual sky chart of your residence place and the reaction between the two charts is analysed to see how this affects you. It is very useful when you want to know the right time to make your decisions, when you want to manage your life in a good way, and when you want to create the best version of your life.


A forecast analysis can be carried out monthly or annually. Or you can also ask a specific question. For example, when is the best time

  • to move?

  • start a business?

  • to sign a contract?

  • Change job?



It's that easy:


To calculate a forecast, the date, time, place of birth, place of residence and gender of a person are necessary. All you have to do is provide this information when ordering.


Life and Stars handles an individual audio in which the personal forecast analysis is explained, including hints and tips from an experienced life coach.