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The school start has arrived 🙂 If your child starts this year to school it is a big question "How will it be?", right ? and I am sure that you are really excited about it.

Each child deals with school, homework, teachers differently. Even I have experienced with school start 2 years ago for my elder daughter, I am again asking this question because my younger daughter will start primary school in September, and my girls are SO different from each other. It is a new start again.

Here again astrology helps me a lot. And not to me, most of my clients who got the children natal chart analysis were highly excited about the analysis on this subject. (See the testimonials from the link in my profile😉)

A natal chart analysis can reflect the unique character of your child. In my "children natal chart readings", I also deeply analyse the school life. I can give you some hints what type of school will be suitable for your child or how you can make the school and it's duties attractive for your child.

I offer three different versions for children natal chart analysis, so that any budget can afford it 🙂 I am strongly profiting from children natal chart analysis for my own children and I want to help more parents.

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