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Astrology may guide parents in raising and guiding their children in a way that they can discover their true potential. What does a a child’s true potential mean? Astrologically, with the information of a child’s birth time and place information, we may reach many important clues. This can be the reason of that child’s birth to the family that he/she is born, what she/he will come across through her/his journey of life and of course what her/his strong sides and weaknesses are and how she/he can manage them to turn into her/his advantage.

Also, one of the most important subjects for parents is their children’s education and school life. With a natal chart of a child an astrologer can define that child’s strong sides, skills and of course the sides that need to be improved and that can be challenged.

Imagine you have a masterpiece in your hand but if you don’t know how to threat it, then there is no point having a masterpiece in hand. Truly, every single child is a masterpiece that has to be discovered and after the discovery that masterpiece needs to be shaped. At that point astrology moves in and shows parents the way that they can shape and lead the way of their children’s life journey.

If you have a road map, please think how easier it is to travel instead of having none in hand. So as a parent today you have a great option to lead your child in the best way and help her/him to fulfill her/his life goals. The only information needed is the birth date and place of your child and getting a consultancy appointment from an astrologer specialized in Children’s Natal charts like Beril Cabezas Garcia, the Astrologer of Life and Stars.

Please do not hesitate to contact Beril Cabezas Garcia via for the road map of your child’s journey in life.

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