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Self-confidence is the major topic of all individuals while making their way in life. Self-confidence is about not comparing yourself with other people, which is really difficult when we consider that in the present system of the World we are living, most of the themes are based on comparison. Paralell to this each of us is pushed to be the same type of person and in the end that brings us in a situation of becoming the prototype. And we start living for the society not for us; being thin, having nice houses, money, car etc. With the themes belonging to the material world.

And what about our souls? As we are all born in different identity and characteristics, parallel to this we all have different needs to feel fullfilled and happy. Each of us has another time and subject to bloom, each of us has another colour and another essence.

We all are gifted, the point is to find the key inside of us, afterwards we may all shine brightly in our lives and lead our ways to a complete self-confidence which truly matches with #selflove.

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